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An East Detroit rapper.
Acronym: East Side Hoes and Money
e to tha s to tha h to tha m, East Side Hoes and Money
by theo April 03, 2005
E Pill. From northern cali. Made popular by Mac dre.
Lets pop a thizzelle.
by theo March 08, 2004
To pass out while inhaling nitrous oxide.
Tina fished out while driving. Now her dumb ass is in the hospital.
by theo April 03, 2005
Selling lots of Drugs.
You started Slangin?
-Nah fool, I'm pushin'.
by theo March 08, 2004
Outside is a place where there's insects and the sun which burns you awfully bad, and there's also grass and trees and butteflys..all poisonous to you, its a horrible, horrible horrible , vile place that you never want to go to
Billy: Wanna go outside Theo?

Theo: NO! Don't make me go outside, you can't make me not even at gunpoint, for I should wish my own life away on a whim rather than
venture to the outside.

Billy: jeez, just asking..
by Theo April 22, 2005
to be so severley intoxicated that the only way your getting home is in a trolley. wasted
"Dude, i got so trolleyed last night."
by theo November 15, 2003
A gathering of two to five tools. See toolshed.
A: How about when I got on the elevator this morning right before the doors shut three of the most obnoxious partners at the firm got on?

B: Are you kidding? I love starting the morning in a toolkit.
by Theo February 18, 2005

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