When fisting a sexual partner you open your fist inside them.
"Dude she was fingering my ass and she fucking fireworked me"
by Toiletballbag September 08, 2009
Upon ejaculating, a man furiously tugs on his penis with alternating hands, opening each hand when he reaches the end of the penis, thus flinging his semen at the lucky lady in an effective and jovial manner.
George: Hey Charlene, why do you have jizzum all over your face, hair, and tits?

Charlene: Oh, that? Well Kyle just gave me a firework show.
by The Human Firework October 01, 2011
verb for breaking up into many little pieces; to shatter; disperse.
The criminal sent a large wire transfer to the Cayman Islands where the funds then fireworks to other criminals located in Russia, Syria, Turkey and Panama.

When the vase was thrown against the wall, it was reduced to fireworks.
by Ferocious B November 04, 2013
The loudest and most explosive fart possible with the human body.
Person 1: What the fuck was that?
Person 2: Joey had too many beans for dinner.
Person 1: Goddamn.... That was a loud firework...
by bobbs12 July 04, 2014
A person with a combination of multiple STDs
All these fireworks are killing me! I can barely sit to pee!

Oh man, I think the Devil's threesome gave me fireworks last night!
by AKlivin December 15, 2011
1- To insert your fist into a woman's vagina and flare out the fingers into a counting like position.

2- See Sunflower
She screamed with pleasure as I used a FireWork on her.
by Trollolloll December 04, 2010
The male equivalent of a grenade. Aka, a fat or ugly man that someone brings to a party.
This party was legit until Karen showed up with that firework.
by lmill12 April 19, 2011

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