The male equivalent of a grenade. Aka, a fat or ugly man that someone brings to a party.
This party was legit until Karen showed up with that firework.
by lmill12 April 19, 2011
Firework = To get a boner
Gosh, that Stephen Hawkins really makes me firework!
by Snickit123 December 12, 2010
A sly slang term for hallucinogenic mushrooms. Can be used just to refer to mushrooms in particular or when you're really optimistic about the potence of a recent acquisition.

Also a good way to refer to drugs when talking to sober people who say hi to you on the street at random.
Stranger 1: "How's it goin?"
You: "Just waitin' for the fireworks, man."

Dealer: "You ever had these before?"
Buyers: "Nope."
Dealer: "They're some real fireworks. Have fun tonight, guys."
by Michael Gagne June 17, 2008
Best thing ever Invented
I put fireworks in my ass
by lil Barf \' Jr. April 06, 2003
Some useless shit that goes up in the air and explodes. Lasts 30 seconds, waste of money.
Dan: Oh shit, I blew all my tuition money on fireworks. O well...
by bensonthegumballmachine May 29, 2010
A program by Macromedia which allows one to easily design graphics for the web, which utilizes vector graphics.
Guy: Hey look, you can buy Fireworks.
Other guy: A couple hundred dollars for a single box of Fireworks?!?!
Guy: Stupid, it's a program.
by DLG June 29, 2003
God's colorful explosive diarrhea.
Man, the fireworks tonight were so pretty, though it smelled wierd afterward!
by rockerr56 July 04, 2009

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