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The Teenage Dream consists of dancing, love (or lust), running away, and not looking back for reasons undefined.

Other elements may include letting one's 'walls' fall down, driving to California, pillow castles, being drunk on the beach.
Katy Perry: You make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream.
by Babe in Garters February 02, 2011
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the greatest relationship of one's life that occurs during their teenage years. signs of the teenage dream are:
1. your boyfriend thinks you're pretty any makeup on
2. he thinks you're funny when you tell the punchline wrong
3. he gets you, so you let your walls come down
4. he brought you to life, so now every february he'll be your valentine
5. wanting to go all the way tonight with no regrets, just love
6. dancing until the two of you die
7. he and you being young forever
8. he turns you on to the point at which you can't sleep
9. wanting to run away with him and never look back
10. your heart stops when he looks at you
11. you believe the relationship is ''real'' with just one touch, therefore you feel as if you two should take a chance and never look back
12. the two of you drive to california and get drunk on the beach
13. the two of you get a motel and build a fort out of sheets
14. you feel as if he is the missing puzzle piece that completes you
15. you get his heart racing in your skin-tight jeans
16. you let him put his hands on you in your skin-tight jeans
Katy Perry: You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream.
by mattress leaping whore-frog January 10, 2012
having the best relationship and at the happiest point in ones teenage years.
Chris and Noelle together make the best teenage dream
by funckman1 December 21, 2010

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