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The act of getting ready to perform an action.
I finsta go to the sto and get some cornbread.
by Popsyieis November 03, 2009
1. about to 2.ready to 3. desiring to
"Yo, I'm finsta go to Target and get some nachos."
by Ned Ryerson July 23, 2003
A fake instagram account, so one can post ratchet pictures without persecution from sororities, jobs and society as a whole
Rebecca: "I posted a pic of Kenzie smoking on my finsta!!"
Catherine: "that's awesome!!"
by Llama12 February 20, 2015
About to or preparing to do something. This term can most accurately be classified as a contraction containing the words "fixing" and "to". Some may prefer to characterize it as a compound word as it does not contain an apostrophe.
speaker1- "Hey Quida, did you hear about the Trey Songz concert next month?"
speaker2- "Yea, I cant wait errbody love Trey!"
speaker1- "Did ya snatch your ticket yet?"
speaker2- "No but I'm Finsta"
by Gilb December 20, 2010
1. One who drinks too much and gets out of hand. Prone to doing things they would not otherwise do.
Yo, I think if Victor has one more drink, he's Finsta will come out and we can get him to drop someone off in the middle of the street in Newark!
by Victor C June 28, 2006

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