A sexy, strong boy who gets all the girls. Anyone called Finn will luck out when it comes to girls. He always gets the fittest one. He usually has blone hair and blue eyes He makes a great friend, and a great kisser!
by Skunklover October 11, 2013
The little orange fish from the snack, "Goldfish" Named FINN for no certain reason.
Yo, you want some goldfish? Finn's been chillin here for a couple weeks!

-Shit! Yeah pass that over brotha!
by ryandoe11 September 11, 2011
hot, hyper active, kick ass guy who won't take shit from anyone
That guy is soo Finn p
by Hot ass lady March 16, 2015
The world's ugliest dog. He smells like barbequed shit with a hint of rotting ass. Finn is the joke of all dogs. He's worse than the under dog. He's the under dogs' bitch.
Kid 1: Whose dog is that?
Kid 2: Thats Thad Sander's dog!
Kid 3: GRODY finn
by Charles Carmikael November 01, 2014
A term used mainly by asians and southerners. means how amazing something is.
Man i got an A+ that was so Finn.
by HomeDG January 06, 2015
To shit yourself and throw up at the same time after threatening to kill yourself and then grabbing some guy's balls afterwards. Usually happens after being slapped about by some meaty scousers.
Guy 1: Dude I had such a bad weekend
Guy 2: Dude why?
Guy 1: I did a TOTAL Finn. Shat myself and threw up at the same time!
Guy 2: Duuuuuuuuuuude you're on Finn ice!
by BeardedCurves May 01, 2012
a mean machine who loves tractors and makes tea for a living and loves ploughing silliage.
"that'll do Enda that"ll do "

"Jeff ... Jeff HELLO Jeff 3in1 and 17 chicken balls " Thank you JEFF "

James of the Finns
by The women arent ready for finn August 18, 2011

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