A guy who is always finshing everything out no matter what the circumstances. Parties, Casinos, Chicks, Bars, Fights, Drugs Arguments...you name it he finishes it.
Danny Bonaduce rolls so hard, he is such a finisher.
by Nicdog469 February 27, 2009
Top Definition
You know when you're jerking off and cycling through all those chick in your mind... well the finisher is the chick you finish jerking with.
Stacey was totally my finisher last time I whacked it!
by Gordon A. Ronis June 01, 2010
A female or male that was involved in a sexual encounter but their partner failed to bring them to an orgasm. Therefore leading them to go "finish" the job themselves.

The sex with John last night was so lame i ended up doing a "finisher" in the bathroom.
by Jaycee2009 March 18, 2009
A girl who makes her partner cum entirely with her hand or mouth. Not like too many porn scenes where the guy ends up masturbating himself to ejaculation.
Jenna was a great finisher, getting him off with just her mouth!
by capryl May 06, 2013
A fantastic local 80's metal band from Rochester, NY that will blow your head through your ass.
Dude, Finisher's playing tonight, everyone's going, they rock so hard.
by Joe Roseto June 22, 2005
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