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6 definitions by capryl

A sports team that plays well "on the road" as a visiting team, particularly if their record is better away than at home.
The Lions aren't so good at home, but they've become real road warriors with a 6-1 record as the visiting team.
by capryl January 02, 2011
Yeah, she got a dose of my little wigglers Friday night.
by capryl September 25, 2013
1. The elevation line on a mountain, above which the trees don't grow.
2. The line on the lower abdomen or mons veneris, above which there is no hair.
We were making out and my fingers got as far as the timber line before she pulled away.
by capryl September 03, 2013
Something that acts the opposite of Viagra.
1. An ugly woman.
2. Your wife after putting on a bunch of pounds and/or years.
3. When you're having sex and she says or does something to kill the mood.
Damn is she ugly... a real Viagra antidote, man!

He: "oh, yeah... almost there, baby!"
She: "remember you said you'd paint the kitchen tomorrow" or "hurry up, my TV show is on"
He: "crap, forget it, you just gave me a Viagra antidote"
by capryl July 03, 2013
A person who thinks he/she knows what's good for your happiness and comfort. As if you need to be told when you're too hot, hungry, etc.
Mike, I'm not too warm! I want to keep my coat on! You don't need to be my shower adjuster.
by capryl May 18, 2013
A girl who makes her partner cum entirely with her hand or mouth. Not like too many porn scenes where the guy ends up masturbating himself to ejaculation.
Jenna was a great finisher, getting him off with just her mouth!
by capryl May 06, 2013