when someone is satign they are fine when really they are implying they are
F ucked up
I nsecure
N erotic
E emotional
I'm f.i.n.e
so ur fucked up, insecure, nerotic, and emotional
ya :S
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
Sexy/ Beautiful/ Pretty/ Hot
"Damn Katie Is Fine"
by SloppyJoeIsSkeen July 11, 2007
Hot, Attractive, Nice Body, Beautiful
That girl is fine as hell, man! I would tap that!

Damn! Look at that fine ass!
by Playboy tapper November 26, 2007
The price you must pay when you are drunk and disorderly.
Judge: For being drunk and disorderly I order you to pay a $75 fine.
by Danny February 11, 2004
Fucked Up
"There's nothing wrong with me. I'm F.I.N.E.!"
"I can see that..."
by 30yearoldvirgin October 07, 2008
What someone says when they're feeling like shit. They don't want to tell why they feel like shit and feel like hiding.
"How are you doing? You looked sad today."

"I'm doing fine. Thanks..."

by gavinfd November 17, 2007
"I'm really not doing that great at all but i don't want to say it out loud so I will tell you that I am a word that in the dictionary means "ok" but if you understand the actual meaning of this word you will know i am speaking in code and i am trying to tell you that i am anything but "fine""
"How are you doing?"
"I am {not} fine."
by caelloki March 18, 2007

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