Fucked up
Neurotic &

I am F.I.N.E. =) How are you?
#fine #f.i.n.e #insecure #you #yah
by o.O o.O July 17, 2006
to describe a person dat is very appealing.
damn he is fine as shit. i definetly want a piece of dat ass. mmmm
by rita December 22, 2003
too sexy cute :see bangin'
1.dang he fine
by da southern 1 April 22, 2004
Literally means, she's mad at you, and now you have to guess why.
Me: Are you mad at me?
Her: ...
Me: Is everything alright?
Her: Yeah. I'm fine.
#ok #okay #alright #good #great
by Mr1337 December 11, 2005
The highest possible complement to someone's physical appearance. On a scale of attractiveness, starting at 'hideous', 'fine' is here:
hideous - ugly - plain- decent- average -alright - pretty- beautiful -geourgous - hot - damn hot - really hot - rediculously hot - fine
The guy we just walked by was so fine that my knees buckled and I felt dizzy and my belief in God was renewed and I was so wet I quivered and the shape of his jaw will haunt me forever.
by Camiro May 31, 2005
good looking
she's got one real fine ass
by dawn June 15, 2002
Fucked Up
(and) Emotonal

i.e the REAL meaning behind the answer 'fine'
Robin: Howz u?
Lusi: Oh I'm fine thanks.
#fucked up #insecure #neurotic #emotional #truth
by Last Chancer October 27, 2006
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