One of the hardest sports to master in the world. Requires balance, flexibility, strength, power, hand-eye co-ordination, tenacity and bravery. Figure skaters wear flesh-coloured tights and dresses/skirts so it is more aerodynamic for their movements, not because it is skimpy (see idiot above for inaccurate definition). Figure skaters are arguably the toughest athletes in the world, because of the dangerously slippery ice and no padding surrounding their bodies if they fall or crash. Also, their blades are 4mm thick which makes it very hard for them to balance. Also, after a hard day's work of skating, skaters may end up in tears every so often, because of the emotional and physical and mental pain. It's just that hard--but in the end, they always love the sport no matter what.
Figure skating is the best sport in the world. Ever. Period.
by BX15 June 16, 2008
a difficult sport in which you need to be flexable, strong, and beable to strain yourself until you can't possibly any longer; && then start all over the next day. You have to be determined & never give up. basically, thosee who start may never stop, because they fall
in love with the sport; no matter if they fail or succeed.
Sasha Cohen didn't take gold at the winter olympics in the ladies senior level Figure Skating championships two times in a row, but she is still coming back for the next one for one last chance.
by haleywaylyshaylymaylybayly May 25, 2008
A sport that is harder than most people give it credit for. People freeze their butts off while jumping in the air and spinning, and most of you can't get off the couch. Figure skating is a very dangerous sport, with no padding on you if you fall on the ice (which I can tell you from experience is very hard). Tough on people physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you fall you could hurt yourself physically causing loss of confidence in your ability to do said thing that you had fallen on. Still a very fun sport though. Many skaters skate competitively all over the world
If figure skating were easy they'd call it hockey.
by Ihasthebestestgrammars April 01, 2013
An extremely hard sport to master. Yes it is a sport. In figure skating a skater must perform two programs. One the short program, is 2.5 minutes long and another, the long program (also know as the freeskate) is 4.25 minutes long. Skating at top speed, you must perform multiple jumps, spins, and footwork sequences. Can you do that? I didn't think so. Almost everyone, if your grown, will hold on to the wall. We call you guys, "wallhuggers". Don't go around saying figure skaters are slutty because they wear short skirts. They are only worn so that we can do split jumps, spins, and spirals. Think about the cheerleaders going around saying skating is girly because last time I checked, skaters don't run around on soft, padded floor with giant sparkly hair bows saying "Go Team!!! Woohoo!!!". I have friends that go to a school who can't wear their cheerleading uniforms to school because skirts are too short. If the skirts are to short, then why are they their uniforms? It hurts a lot more to fall on rock hard ice from four feet in the air than it does for hockey players because at least they are covered in padding.
Stop saying figure skating isn't a sport because it is. You can't jump off your toe, do four revolutions in the air, and then land cleanly. And yes it is possible. A really mean cheerleader cyber bullied my friend about the fact that she was a figure skaters and how she probably couldn't even do a cartwheel. I'm working on my front aerial and I have a friend who just got her back tuck. So if I were you, I would just accept the fact that figure skaters are some of the toughest people out there.
by amoney23 November 20, 2013
an extremely hard sport that only the smartest, prettiest, most gorgeous people can do. boys who do it are gay
figure skating is cooler than hockey
by noosheeeeeeennnn September 09, 2006
A sport which got its name from the old school figures. NOT from the lame ass spins in the air called jumps and DEFINATELY NOT from the spins. What they call "figure skating" now is most definately NOT and will NEVER replace the true figure skating.
Jumps + Spins = Freestyle Skating

Edges + Music = Dance

Edges + Thinking + Concentration = Figure Skating
by Ed Elric June 17, 2010
the thing that slutty girls and gay guys turn to when they want to play a sport on the ice and they fail at hockey i mean if you want to twirl around just go do cheerleading and you dont have to be a complete retard and freeze your ass off while you try to seduce guys.
Figure Skater: Hey why don't you do figure skating?

Cheerleader: I know that people call us cheerleaders retarded because we are, but we're not that dumb to wear mini skirts inside and freeze our asses off while we can just jump around in our mini skirts outside too!

by hockey player :) February 16, 2009

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