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One of the hardest sports to master in the world. Requires balance, flexibility, strength, power, hand-eye co-ordination, tenacity and bravery. Figure skaters wear flesh-coloured tights and dresses/skirts so it is more aerodynamic for their movements, not because it is skimpy (see idiot above for inaccurate definition). Figure skaters are arguably the toughest athletes in the world, because of the dangerously slippery ice and no padding surrounding their bodies if they fall or crash. Also, their blades are 4mm thick which makes it very hard for them to balance. Also, after a hard day's work of skating, skaters may end up in tears every so often, because of the emotional and physical and mental pain. It's just that hard--but in the end, they always love the sport no matter what.
Figure skating is the best sport in the world. Ever. Period.
by BX15 June 16, 2008

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