To stuff your balls (all lubed up) into a girl's asshole, upon removing them your balls turn blue with asphyxiation due to the lack of circulation (meaning the fig part).
Upon this if you happen to fuck up, it's rips off your balls with a VOOM vacuum sound. There are also many variations of it such as the Inconspicuous (where you take the shitty balls and slap it on her face) and the Split Fig (where there is two different testes from two different guys ((yes they're gay since balls are touching)).
Cindy sucked those balls into her asshole as if they were food given to a fat person. fignuts

Lora was helping guys in a fignut tree, by letting each one stuff their balls in and waiting for them to turn blue than let the next one come stuffing in.
by Co....... December 12, 2007
Top Definition
A derogatory term to describe someone of inferior intelligence, physical appearance, social skills or character. See also Fucker.
Awww, crap! Listen, fignuts, the tour is either in the commissary by now or in the Howling Mad Gift Shop.
by Dookie October 01, 2003
Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy rules.
Listen here Fignuts.
by Tank November 14, 2003
"Fig nuts" is a term popularized by the Adult Swim cartoon "Sealab 2021". Captain Murphy uses this term as an insult to people who he thinks are stupid, ignorant, or annoying.
(On his radio show)
Caller: Hi I'm Larry.
Captain Murphy: Where's Moe and Curly, fig nuts?"

Captain Murphy (responding to profanity): I don't know who you are but I run a clean show here. (Sound of toilet flushing) Maybe this will wash your mouth out, fig nuts."
by Atticus145 July 29, 2009
An exclaimation of displeasure, often used by a certain character on Sealab 2021.
I lost my keys, oh fignuts!
by GreggBrain August 29, 2003
A derogatory term that can be used in any situation and on anyone or anything, such as jerk, idiot or dick.
What's going on, Fignuts?
by Makrel October 01, 2003
Someone who is really stupid or just a moron
He is a total fignut.
by Discman April 05, 2003
A nut from a fig tree
This fig tree produces good fignuts
by fignutsdefiner April 07, 2010

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