What Captain Murphi calls everyone
If you're looking for me, you'd better check under the sea, fignuts!
by Ultravog January 27, 2004
Fignuts is achieved when a man thoroughly marinates his balls in pickle juice, preferably dill, and then displays his newly pickled balls to his inferior, otherwise known as his girlfriend. He then places his salty balls into the mouth of the inferior (woman), thereby completing the fignuts. This is known in some parts of the midwest as a "Vlasic" or "Uncle Phil's Pickle Factory."

One variation exists where instead of placing the balls into the mouth orifice, the balls are placed into the previously widened anal cavity. This maneuver is known as the "chocolate fignuts" and has been said to exist only in parts of Newfoundland.
"Does it smell like pickles in here?"

"Mah fresh, I was bustin' fignuts like a motherfucker last night."
by Billroy May 23, 2009
A homosexual male that has a small dick/ small balls, hence the term Fig Nut, which is a small nut
Person #1: Dude I'm fuckin scared
Person #2: Grow some balls fig nuts
by prodigystopper November 04, 2007
Someone who's testicles resemble figs.
"I spent all day in the pool and now I have fignuts!"
by Twisty J March 23, 2007
To stuff your balls (all lubed up) into a girl's asshole, upon removing them your balls turn blue with asphyxiation due to the lack of circulation (meaning the fig part).
Upon this if you happen to fuck up, it's rips off your balls with a VOOM vacuum sound. There are also many variations of it such as the Inconspicuous (where you take the shitty balls and slap it on her face) and the Split Fig (where there is two different testes from two different guys ((yes they're gay since balls are touching)).
Cindy sucked those balls into her asshole as if they were food given to a fat person. fignuts

Lora was helping guys in a fignut tree, by letting each one stuff their balls in and waiting for them to turn blue than let the next one come stuffing in.
by Co....... December 12, 2007
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