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1)when friends have sex, but there is no serious relationship other than friends with benefits; friends with benefits; fuck buddies; fb. Not to be confused with booty calls.
2) a sarcastic answer to stupid or obvious questions.
1)Platano Man and Kitty are always fighting crime, but Platano Man refuses to make her his fulltime sidekick.

2) Captain Obvious aka Mom: You weren't home on time!
Kitty: Really now?
Cpt. Obvious: Yeah! WHERE WERE YOU?
Kitty: I was out fighting crime!
by ♠Kitty♠ February 22, 2009
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Used when people are talking about making out but don't want to use the term making out.
Tyler and Pardis are always too busy fighting crime to hang out anymore.
by Ryan Joel March 19, 2008
Sarcastic answer to any questions regarding ones whereabouts.
Similiar to the explanation "I'm a ninja" to any questions regarding one's abilities.
Why the FUCK are you so latet for my class?
I was out fighting crime.
by Ninja Crime Fighter October 20, 2004

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