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The feeling of being drunk or high that comes on because of sexual actions. No substances are actually involved. The feeling disipates literally after the virgin has sex.
Kitty admits that when she was virgin, she became virgin drunk when Alex touched her bebz. Her last time at his house ended up on his bed popped.
by ♠Kitty♠ February 18, 2009
when someone is or has to go to the middle of Nowhere. Farther than the boondocks, closer than the "MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE".
When someone has to travel from So Fla to St. Pete / Da Burg, they pass all the bumbafuck towns between Alligator Alley and St Pete. (even Naples! =] )
by ♠Kitty♠ February 22, 2009
used to fuck(, when naming an ex- booty call, girl/boy friend, fuck buddy, one night stand, ect.). used especially with hispanics/latinos, because we don't use past tense, bitches.
pedro: you see that girl ova there, homes? *points to random sexy chula*

jose: yeah, what about her?

pedro: that's my usefuk.

jose: July! JULYER! that's my cousin maria!

*girl turns around*

jose: hey butterface! wassup?
by ♠Kitty♠ March 22, 2009
1)when friends have sex, but there is no serious relationship other than friends with benefits; friends with benefits; fuck buddies; fb. Not to be confused with booty calls.
2) a sarcastic answer to stupid or obvious questions.
1)Platano Man and Kitty are always fighting crime, but Platano Man refuses to make her his fulltime sidekick.

2) Captain Obvious aka Mom: You weren't home on time!
Kitty: Really now?
Cpt. Obvious: Yeah! WHERE WERE YOU?
Kitty: I was out fighting crime!
by ♠Kitty♠ February 22, 2009
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