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To score just barely over the ammount of complete mental retardation in an exam.
Man, I almost flunked that one. Thank god for fifty-two!
by Mike604 December 01, 2006
another word for black day we decided to count all the crayons in a crayola box of 64 crayons...the color black was number when wanting to point out a black person or a group of them we no longer say "black" it's "fifty-two" or "fifty-two's".
damn look at that fifty-two over there with his box of chicken..

jose: yo! my friend just got jumped!!

christian: by who??
jose: a bunch of fifty-twos!!
christian: i knew it!!
by pucciassth October 07, 2009
To fool someone without their knowledge.
Ashley thought I was going to meet her at the game, but I fifty two-ed her ass cause I ain't going.
by Whitney Robertson February 27, 2008
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