Cuba was once ruled by a military ruler, until Fidel Castro came into power after a revolution. Fidel Castro quickly tried to secure trade ties with the United States, but as he was sympathetic to communists the United States was afraid he was one himself. Having no trade ties with the United States, he turned to the Soviet Union.

He is a great speaker and charismatic leader who gained power legitimately. It is contested whether he has maintained power legitamently.

He made health care available to all people and schooling free. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union Cuba's middle class has been losing support for Fidel Castro. The dissenters of the middle class and those trying to escape the poverty forced by the embargo make up those trying to flee Cuba. Support within the lower class is still strong.

Economically Cuba is a much more equal place to live.However, social freedoms are not as good. There are many of what Amnesty International calls "Prisoners of Conscience." It is illegal to speak against Fidel Castro, even peacefully. Many things such as this are problems in Cuba.

The embargo is a huge blow to Cuba economically, which has repetedly been voted against by the vast majority of the United Nations. The embargo also serves to cover up the social injustices of Cuba as there is less trade coming in and out of Cuba. If the Embargo were ended, Cuba would be a better place to live economically and socially.

The United States had repetedly tried to murder Fidel Castro and even tried to launch an invasion. This invasion became known as the Bay of Pigs. It was unsuccessful as Fidel Castro quickly squelched what support there was and the rest Cuba's population resisted strongly.

Fidel Castro is one of the most successful socialist revolutionary leaders. He transformed Cuba into a much more economically equal place than places like America, but he has been a harsh leader as well. His age is getting up there though and he can't live too much longer. Upon his death, his brother, Raul Castro, will mostly like gain power.
People act like Fidel Castro has made Cuba a crappy place. Cuba has it's problems, but so does the United States. They just aren't the same problems.

I greatly admire Fidel Castro as a socialist leader, even if I don't agree with everything he did in the name of Communism.
by Dr. Batido June 18, 2006
Top Definition
An bloke who's been pissing Americans off with style for 40 years!!!
'Worried, his as worried as Fidel Castro'
by Black Flag January 06, 2004
That guy that does that stuff
you know who I'm talking about
by Elitist March 22, 2005
Much like the Abe Lincoln, this move involves blowing your load on a girl's face and then accessorizing her face with someone else's rotten pubes, thus creating a Fidel Castro like beard.
Monty was angry his woman would not take it in the pooper, so he gave her the Fidel Castro with his friend Dave's pubes, which were rife with crabs.
by R. Cogwell November 30, 2006
If you're criminally ignorant of history but want to appear cool, you pretend to know something by cheering for Fidel Castro & Che Guevara. You also show what a non-conformist you are by wearing a soul-patch & a Latin ring on your thumb (on the inside of the ring it says "made in China" since it was made by orphans in a sweat-shop).

Fidel Castro by his own admission has been a communist since 17, despite what uninformed people write on the internet, he was not "forced into the Soviet sphere" by the US embargo. Rather, the US was one of the first countries to recognize his government after the revolution, and Castro was given a ticker-tape parade in NYC. As always happens after such revolutions, Castro was unable to live up to his Utopian promises. In order to hold power, he suspended human rights. During the heyday of the Soviet Bloc, Cuba had the most repressive laws of any communist country. Habeas Corpus doesn't exist in Cuba. Under laws enacted by Castro, people can be imprisoned indefinitely, even executed, if they have an "appearance" that suggests they may do something immoral. In the 60s, Castro sent people to slave-labor camps for listening to the Beatles, now there's a statue of John Lennon in Havana, why? Because Castro needs green dollars to continue his regime, and Americans & Europeans like to get their picture taken at the statue so they can look cool. Unless something in Cuba is related to tourism or foreign dollars, it is left to rot and crumble.

Twenty percent of Cubans are in prison or exile.

Fidel Castro is a billionaire, and if you support him, you are what HE CALLS a "useful idiot".
"Hello, I like Fidel Castro. Let's go to your apartment and have sex, then we can listen to 'Dashboard Confessional' on my iPod and cry".
by Cody Pendant May 25, 2007
the dictator of Cuba who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, but is just a complete bastard who likes to make people's lives impossible
There is going to be a huge party in Cuba the day Fidel Castro dies.
by jczles February 19, 2008
(full name Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz) The communist dictator of Cuba since 1959 when he overthrew the government of Fulgencio Batista, to present, although in 2006 he transfered presidential duties to his brother Raúl due to illness. Totalitarian tyrant who has deprived the Cuban population of the most basic of human rights including freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, worship, among others. He was listed on Forbes´"Fortunes of Kings, Queens, and Dictators" list as the 7th Richest Leader, Forbes estimated his fortune at $900 million, only including the money he makes off the wealth of the state, not any past profits.
Fidel Castro has deprived Cubans of human rights as dictator.
by Viquita September 10, 2006
When a male inserts his cigar into the female's vagina, fondels her with it, then smokes it.
Bill Clinton performed a "Fidel Castro" on Monica Lewinsky, during their affair in the oval office.
by stephw December 19, 2006
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