A communist ruler of Cuba who has been around before analog music synthesizers, pushbutton keypads on telephones, cassette players, VHS VCRs, laserdiscs, 8 track tapes, electronic ignition in automobiles, Disc Film and 110 cartridge cameras, integrated circuit DIP packages, 8 inch floppy discs, the John Lennon assasination, the Richard Nixon debacle, VFD pocket calculators, and quite possibly the Big Bang.
Although I don't like what Fidel Castro stands for, I wish I had his inability to die.

Fidel Castro won't need cryogenic body storage when he dies, that is, if he dies before the Sun goes into red-dwarf stage.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter November 19, 2007
Communist dictator of Cuba, who has ruled since 1959. Castro is a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist. He overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista with promises of establishing a democratic government in Cuba. Instead, he moved the country towards communism by confiscating private businesses, doing away with private property, rationing food, and executing the communist opposition. Castro made the communist party the only legal party in the country, doing away with multi-party elections that are free and democratic. There is no freedom of speech, expression, and due process, and there is little freedom of religion.
Idiot: "Fidel Castro is the President and liberator of Cuba"

Cuban: "If by President you mean dictator and by liberator you mean oppressor, then yes."
by Rodolfo M February 03, 2010
The ruler of Cuba since he overthrew the dictatorship of Batista. In a violent revolution, he took each city one by one until New Years Day 1959 in which he seized Havana. He did liberate Cuba in a sense, but failed the help the rural populations. As a result, many of the Cuban people are poor, and are forced to survive on the streets. See, therealcuba.com. Cuba is a beautiful country, but unfortunately it is tarnished by this brutal man. Communism, like an Ashlee Simpson song, may look good on paper but in the end it is a failed doctrine.
Fidel Castro is still preaching the revolution while at the same time he fails to help his own citizens.
by PaNchoVi11a April 09, 2007
World’s longest ruling dictator. Transformed Cuba in a prison where people risk their lifes to escape.
If Fidel Castro's government is so good like the Left says, why cubans are not allowed to vote for president or to leave the country?
by fuckTheUN August 21, 2003
Ruler of Cuba and arguably the most successful communist dictator of all time, in that a) Cuba's a relatively ok place to live, and b) he hasn't been killed yet. He was mates with Che Guevara, but funnily enough he's never ended up on a t-shirt. History doesn't like survivors.
Fidel Castro came to power in the 60s after ousting Batista.
by parsefone January 25, 2006
the guy i claim to love at the top of my lungs everytime one of these gwalla gwallas tries to get fly with me here in miami, may he live forever just to piss off the trash he dumped on miami
"long live fidel castro"(most cubans will hear that and turn more colors than a bag of skittles,the older ones may go into cardiac arrest)
by castrosbestfriend August 11, 2008
1. A fine cigar of excellent calibur.
2. Me when i'm drunk.
pass me a fidel castro my good man
by fidel August 14, 2003

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