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To tinker with a complex machine in a seemingly random way until it finally works properly.
More than 5 of us had to fiddlefuck with the imaging unit for many hours before it started to work properly.
by Ole Gil October 18, 2007
72 6
procrastinating, wasting time, or not staying on task.
Hey Rinaldo, stop fiddle fucking around and get over here. I need your help.
by electric32 November 20, 2007
34 11
1. Attempting to fix something that is not broken.

2.Taking something that is working, and messing with it until it breaks.

3. Trying to perfect something, and ending up breaking it.
1. Wow, you fiddle fucked with the antenna and now the picture is worse than it was before.

2. Stop fiddle fucking with that, it looks fine, and your gonna ruin it.
by osamio October 31, 2010
23 12
Fiddle Fuck-When one person or object pisses you off so much that using just the term 'fuck' will not be enough.
damn, she/he is being such a fiddle fuck!
by NYCi<3You June 19, 2010
12 10
a. To mess ("up", or "around")

b. Foreplay

c. Variant of "fiddlestick", which is a substitute of the word "fuck" - used as an exclamation
You make your own damn example, I have no time to fiddlefuck...

except with my boyfriend >:3

by Will Shakes March 21, 2009
7 5
to waste time or to use time unwisely
I'm just fiddlefucking around
by D-Money November 28, 2004
14 13
A rapid succession of miscommunications between any number of people occupying the same physical space.
All right, this is a fiddlefuck of a conversation.
by kyleglenn October 14, 2011
2 4