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An insult. Doesnt really mean much, though one can assume the person you accuse of being a fiddlefucker infact has sex with fiddles. The Troma movie Tromeo and Juliet made this word popular upon its release.
"Who, Jim? Yeah, that guy is a Fiddlefucker."
by Lophius November 01, 2005
A well known release group. Their first release was in 2000 C&C TS. Ever since then the name MYTH has been known across the scene. Quality was their main focus, unlike so many other groups. They also released the first DVD Rip back in 2003. MYTH was also subject to raids such as Operation Site Down in 2005.

MYTH was soon to stop releasing due to exposure within the scene, in October of 2005.
MYTH, always ahead of the CLASS.
by Lophius October 12, 2005
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