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The act of Fiddlefucking can mean a number of things.

1Wasting time
2Messing with something (attempting to fix something, mainly hands on)
3Performing certain sexual acts on such female.
1 Bob! Quit fiddlefucking around and lets go!
2 Im taking my car to the shop, Im tired of fiddlefucking with the spark-plugs.
3 Dude! I was so fiddlefucking Sally in the back seat of your car!
by Brandon W. July 11, 2006
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What boys be doing in bed while they girl is just trying to get some damn sleep: Ass grabbing, grinding, tryna reach down ya shorts, poking they dick all up in ya panties till ya got a wedgie, talking bout they got blue balls, saying they tired but still being all horny and handsy, and basically sealing the deal that the only pussy they getting that night is that hand and some lotion.
Scene: Boy and girl in bed after a long night and girl has an early morning at work the next day. Boy says he's tired and they say goodnight but then all the sudden his hands start roaming around girls body.

Girl (Noelle B. in this case) "HEY! I thought you were tired. Quit fiddle fucking around!"
by Gotdemwordsshawtie69 December 06, 2016
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