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Long-term girlfriend. In White Trash culture, fiancée no longer means "the woman I will marry on a specific date" but instead is simply a level of relationship status above that of "girlfriend."

A couple in a fiance-fiancée relationship may live together for 20 years, have children together, but they will never actually marry.
A tornado wrecked Jim Bob's trailer park and killed his fiancée of 18 years. She is survived by their six children and three grandchildren.
by chingaleta July 18, 2011
A woman engaged to be married. Sometimes mistakenly used to refer to a married woman.
'Jane is my fiancée; we are to be wed in two months.'
by Kyle Lees September 03, 2006
French for "Imma marry dat bitch". Often used to extract insincere congratulations from a stranger. Also used when fishing for preferential treatment in dining establishments.
"Hi, welcome to Gordo's Chophouse. Just 2 for dinner tonight?"
"You're in luck. We just opened a table right over there."
"Actually my *fiancée* was hoping that we could get a table on the terrace."
"Oh congratulations! Give me a minute I'll see what I can do for you two."
by the lexiconartist September 16, 2013
When you are still in a relationship with your baby-momma or baby-daddy, but have no real idea or time frame of actually becoming a legal marriage.
Jennifer Hudson, Kate Hudson, Jason Lee, Natalee Portman, even Amy Adams do a great job of avioding when there fiancee is going to make there kids legits.
by Frank da Tank, 305 Baby August 07, 2011
Undesirable low-class female. Usually profane and/or heavily drunk in a social situation.
Dude, come check out this fiancée on the bathroom floor with puke all over her shirt. I'm gonna have to take her home to meet Mom and Dad!
by exitflagger April 21, 2008
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