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An aversion to using vehicle headlights suffered by drivers of General Motors cars.

Sufferers believe that headlights are "uncool" and will activate only the parking lights until stopped by the police.

Why does that car have only its parking lights on at 3 a.m.?

He's got Pontiac Syndrome.

by chingaleta December 31, 2008
The free e-mail account that isn't known to one's romantic partner. Typically Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.
I sent the new girl at work a message from my cheatmail account so my wife doesn't see it.
by chingaleta December 30, 2008
The unusual pronunciation of common words by university professors.
My history professor says "Po-land" instead of "Poland." Is it really the land of the Po?

I thought "God" rhymed with "odd" but my professor says "Gah-haw-d" as if it had three syllables.

Dude, that's professor pronunciation; get used to it.
by chingaleta December 31, 2008
A list of movies or other works that magazine readers claim were ignored when editors compiled a ranking of superlatives.
After Rolling Stone named the 500 Best Albums of the 20th Century, the Whine List of letters claiming "You left out..." or "I can't believe Sgt. Pepper is ranked..." ran on for three pages.

Entertainment Weekly published a Whine List of letters following its naming of the 50 Sexiest Films.
by Chingaleta December 17, 2008
The opposite of the "Director's Cut" of a film.

Typically this is created by the use of the DVD player's Fast Forward button and Subtitles to blow past the boring parts of a film that some artsy director thought he could force the audience to watch. This duplicates the job that used to be done by a film editor.
That DVD had a run time of 180 minutes but we watched the Viewer's Cut in only 90.

The director thought he was going to make us watch some guy walk down the street for three minutes, but Matt hit the subtitles and fast forwarded into Viewer's Cut mode.
by chingaleta November 11, 2010
Film/TV cliche where the cheating spouse always kisses the other on the cheek instead of the lips.
Don Draper kissed his wife on the cheek before he went to work and we all yelled "Cheater's Kiss!" at the TV.
by chingaleta June 15, 2010
Long-term girlfriend. In White Trash culture, fiancée no longer means "the woman I will marry on a specific date" but instead is simply a level of relationship status above that of "girlfriend."

A couple in a fiance-fiancée relationship may live together for 20 years, have children together, but they will never actually marry.
A tornado wrecked Jim Bob's trailer park and killed his fiancée of 18 years. She is survived by their six children and three grandchildren.
by chingaleta July 18, 2011
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