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To have a strange and conspicuous hair style.
Whoa! Check out the hot vidal on that dude over there! (*golf clapping*) Very good, sir!
by exitflagger April 25, 2008
1. A guy who never seems to get laid.
2. A guy whose ridiculous way of carrying himself insures that no women will associate with him or his friends.
Dude, why the hell did you tell Gary to meet us here? That guy is walking pussy repellant! I hope you didn't expect to talk to any chicks with him hanging around...
by exitflagger April 30, 2008
To crap so much in the toilet that a large portion of it breaches the water level, forming an island.
Guy 1: Oh, godzilla! Come check this out! I got terra firma in here!
Guy 2: I’ll pass, thanks.
by exitflagger May 06, 2008
1. To steal something.
2. To move in on someone else's territory or possessions.
3. To accept something for free under dubious circumstances.
Chuck lives to squat, man. If something's free, he's gonna show up, no matter what it is. Party with an open bar? You better stand back or he'll run you over...
by exitflagger April 30, 2008
Translation: "I have something important to tell you."
Sometimes used in a persuasive or imploring context.
Look, I'm gonna hafta ask you to kill yourself in about an hour / hour and a half if you don't get the cat off the lawn.
by exitflagger April 25, 2008
Term generally denotes a lack of anything happening or something being woefully sub-standard.
Heather’s party was ridiculous, man. She didn’t invite anybody till the last minute, she told people it was BYOB, all she had was chips and dip and the stereo was broken. 100% air pudding, dude…
by exitflagger May 06, 2008
Any situation where a person becomes unduly panicked and makes ill-advised decisions or movements as a result.
Guy 1: Gerald thought he saw his ex-girlfriend so he turned around to bolt and ran straight into a waitress and knocked her tray full of drinks all over the floor.
Guy 2: He had a wasp on the lapel.
Guy 1: Exactly.
by exitflagger May 01, 2008

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