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A festival of testicles.
Bro, I'm not wearing any briefs right now.. It's a real festical down there.
by nicolitainapita October 05, 2013
festival of testicles.

party / festivities where the majority of the attendee's are men
Dude, I was at a party last night and it was a complete festical!
by jansteam July 24, 2010
another word for a festival. the origin is a mistyping of festival but it led to the creation of an even better word!
Person A: I'm gonna go the mighty boosh festical in july.
Person B: should be sweet!
by The Bolt June 10, 2008
Taken by mixing the word 'festival' and 'testicle' to define a rubbish or 'bollocks' festival/public event.
'You going to the 'Generic Festival/Event' this year?'
'Nah man, it's a goddamn festical...'
by Festical Steve February 17, 2010
any thing or person that is permistoned
dude ur such a fuckin festical
by AA 1.5 volts November 19, 2008
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