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Girls named collette are fucking hot as hell.
they have a pretty smile

gorgeous eyes
kickin curves
fine ass
they know what they want and get it
and they're great friends
guy1:Damn did you see that chick?
guy2:No who was it?
guy1:It was Collette
guy2:oh damn that girl is fine and she got a nice ass too!
by kdsurfer October 21, 2009
The best thing since raves or the coolest chick ever known to man. Promises an awesome time
WOW, i hung-out with that chick last night she's so a Collette!
by intensityFTW July 14, 2009
awesome girl who can't fly even though she's half asian and has a french name.
"Yo, that girl Collette is cool."
by n-n-nick August 07, 2006
western sydney term for any drugo that is of a red origin
mummy is that ranga a collette, is he injecting, well than yes
by mondo crew November 24, 2009
Meaning 1. A woman born with one ball

Meaning 2. When for an unexpeted reason someones voice tone turns extremely low.
Meaning 1.

I saw this woman the other day, totally a collette.

Meaning 2. *someones talking and voice goes low* Dude u did a collete!
by Asterix September 30, 2005