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Girls named collette are fucking hot as hell.
they have a pretty smile

gorgeous eyes
kickin curves
fine ass
they know what they want and get it
and they're great friends
guy1:Damn did you see that chick?
guy2:No who was it?
guy1:It was Collette
guy2:oh damn that girl is fine and she got a nice ass too!
by kdsurfer October 21, 2009
The best thing since raves or the coolest chick ever known to man. Promises an awesome time
WOW, i hung-out with that chick last night she's so a Collette!
by intensityFTW July 14, 2009
awesome girl who can't fly even though she's half asian and has a french name.
"Yo, that girl Collette is cool."
by n-n-nick August 07, 2006
Someone who is fine with and joins in on dark humor in a social group for a number of days and then blows up when you made the 12th rape joke, having been able to tell everyone how she feels about a certain dark humor a week earlier. Almost enjoying just letting all the hate build up in her instead of warning anyone.
So this girl was in my group chat for a few days and we made holocaust and down syndrome jokes, then she randomly blew up on us for making rape jokes for the 12th time. She was such a collette

It's like sitting in class when someone is doing something annoying and you don't tell them to stop so you just sit there with your anger building up til you explode. That's a collette move.
by mattattack96 October 26, 2014
western sydney term for any drugo that is of a red origin
mummy is that ranga a collette, is he injecting, well than yes
by mondo crew November 24, 2009
Meaning 1. A woman born with one ball

Meaning 2. When for an unexpeted reason someones voice tone turns extremely low.
Meaning 1.

I saw this woman the other day, totally a collette.

Meaning 2. *someones talking and voice goes low* Dude u did a collete!
by Asterix September 30, 2005

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