sex position where the receiving partner bends over and holds onto the round base of a Fender guitar stool while the penetrator stands behind. great for hitting the g-spot if you're a short girl with a tall partner.
I was so glad my recording studio is soundproof; she's a screamer whenever we do the Fender Bender.
by Heina March 14, 2007
The act of a person turning the speed of their machine "vibrator mechanism" to its max or past max speed thus causing a rash or ripping of the ass or pussy. It can also be caused by the inserting of a massive cock into a tight organ.
Dude she was drunk she accidentally caused a fender bender now she cant put out for a month!!!
by M & C productions May 29, 2010
hard rockin', axe wielding amigo obviously favouring the fender as his weapon of choice.
the fender bender's opening riff proceeded to rock my socks off
by Roo April 06, 2004
taking "bumps" of cocaine off a guitar pick.
The baggie had a few grams of blow. Doug dipped the guitar pick into it and did a fender bender.
by Broham802280 November 20, 2007
Fender-Bender: When a man gives anal to a chick and he misses, bending his fender
Jeff: Man it looks like you have a boner but somethin's awfully wrong wit dat meat

John: Yeah, I had a bit of a Fender-Bender with Miss Norris over there
by samm...y May 08, 2006
sucking dong and jerking 2 others as one man rubs his ass on the back of your head
"After the fender bender she has to wash her hair hardcore."
by kenny b October 10, 2006
hard-ass butt sex that sometimes "bends your fender"
Oh my god, he gave it to me so hard last night, i think he gave me a fender bender!
by KnutterKrabs March 04, 2004
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