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when the tip of a mans penis has a tuft of hair on it
Frank: Dude, Jerry's so hairy, I bet he has a carrot top!
by samm...y May 08, 2006
When a girl is getting oral when all of the sudden, she menstruates in the one licking the pussys mouth. ewww!
Bob: Oh Yeah! I hope your enjoying this (slurp slurp)
Mary: Oh Shit! I think Im gonna -- errrrr
Bob: Fuck, you just gave me a bloody mary!
by samm...y May 17, 2006
Fender-Bender: When a man gives anal to a chick and he misses, bending his fender
Jeff: Man it looks like you have a boner but somethin's awfully wrong wit dat meat

John: Yeah, I had a bit of a Fender-Bender with Miss Norris over there
by samm...y May 08, 2006
A spiderweb is basically a really really old, stinky pussy
Esmerelda: My son called me a spiderweb, what does that mean?

P Diddy: Yo it means your pussy is really old
by samm...y May 08, 2006
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