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someone who plays guitar, I dunno what all the fuss is about, true guitarists play it cause they love it, and have learned from legends like muddy waters and stevie ray vaughan, most of us are true and real about life, and easy aproachable,

theres tribes within guitarists, based on the the style and veiws of the person playing
stevie ray vaughan is the most brilliant guitarist
by bute September 19, 2005
not many people in england have that horrible upperclass accent thats just stupid hollywood producers for you making movies who dont know shiyte. who want shooting may I add, , theres loads of accents in england, some sound irish like the geordies and the scousers, why Iye man, gooin up toon ferra pint, some have the same accent as austrailiens like the south staffordshire and the black countray "g'day a yo orighte aer kid" "doe they, yo aye am ya" arrr, dyo wanna canabea aer kid, thats where strife comes from, some people have that cockney accent where they never pronouce their R's alwighyte mayte, ow it gahn geeza, some accents over pronounce their RRs like the west country and cornwall, where the farmers say OGHHH ARRR in a deep voice, or like the pirates of penzance did iye ye be warrrned. this is why the former colonies have so much accented diversity between each other because they all descend from difrent areas of britain.
theres no british accent as such and it all depends on your class and back gound and where ya come in england which determines the way yo spayke, some southern english people look down on black country accents the most because of how broad it is! doe they
by bute September 19, 2005
english black country and broad auzy strife for shit
at the football match the one bloke said, that goal waza loada shiyte, see im then hes rubbish, send him off
by bute September 19, 2005
slang for a canal, used in the "black country"
-hey can yo see tha kid drownin in the cut
-arr, poor bastard let me teck me shoes and coat off and arl ger im
by bute September 14, 2005
tha wasa loada shite, "rubbish" "crap" "no good" some parts of england especially the more "north", also in the "black country" the "west midlands", "austrailia" they say shiuyte,
shite shyte shiutye wharever, that goal was laoda shiyte
by bute September 19, 2005
could be some one whos gay, someone who cant drive or could also be for a tremo or wammy bar on a guitar, or just fender bendin could mean playin the all origonal blues style on on a strat.
fender bender, he i'm goin up to partaaay with the most beautiful thing on this god given earth the fender stratocaster,

he bender boy watch where you going, boi you cant drive fo shit
by bute September 19, 2005

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