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The collective term for a group of footballers or balding 60 year old men.
Mr Tink: ok fellas, we've gotta knuckle down, punch some gut and kick some ball. multiple interpretations
by Froody Tree Monkey November 24, 2003
20 71
fellas; your friends or people that you like. People you are often with and treat as close people to you.
Hey Jonny, I'd like you to meet some of my fellas.
by acetic November 24, 2003
392 80
Any male.
Fella's = A group of males.
Is NOT a synonym of friend/pal/mate.
Q: "What are you doing tonight, big fella?"
A: "Just smoking at my hut, a few fella's are coming over."
by Diego November 08, 2003
430 193
the boys; the guys; my manly friends.
I told the wife I was hanging out with the fellas tonight.
by Buster November 25, 2003
155 49
1. A male.

2. A boyfriend.
1. Hey fellas!

2. Charlies's my fella.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
200 107
Means "mate; friend; pal". Combined from "FELLow"+"A".
Hey fellaz, chill out!
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
199 118
mate, bloke
good to see you fella
by Big Simes January 22, 2003
137 83
Your Male friends.
All da fellas in da back!
All the ladies in the front!
by spoo November 24, 2003
105 59