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an incredibly pimped out instrument that picks up mad bitches. requires skill to be played and cannot be improved by computers in order to make it sound listenable (like every other type of music).
i was playing my banjo last night and this girl wanted to throw me some brain. so i let her.
by daftdon November 25, 2003
what losers say they did when they "gave it their all." only in the lexicon on losers.
dad: yeah you lost the game and embrassed the family son, but you gave it your best effort...
son: i know dad, thanks.
dad hits son
by daftdon November 25, 2003
to play with your balls before carefully dropping them into a girls mouth
please just be careful while rolling your dice
by daftdon November 25, 2003
a really annoying way people trying to be funny say shit with an english accent. is never funny though.
joe american: that's a bunch of shight
jill american: ha ha ha, funny accent joe
by daftdon November 25, 2003
a place where when you step foot inside the city limits you commence having sex immediately. for homosexuals see San Francisco
Sven, a gay Swedish man, was elated as he drove under the sign welcoming him to San Francisco. He knew he had entered Bang Town.
by daftdon November 25, 2003
to take a poop into the top part of someone's toilet...simply lift up the top and do your business. is also fun to clean up.
i went top draw on tom cause he eats salads
by daftdon November 25, 2003
slang with which gay, but closeted, frat boys use to tell you who, or where, all their friends are
frat boy 1: yeah, the fellas are taking in a spa and then getting sushi
frat boy 2: that's cool, does that mean we have the frat house to ourselves?
by daftdon November 25, 2003

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