adj., of convincing your partner that fellatio is delicious, as in "a fellacious argument", cf. noun, fellacity
Dick's fellacious endeavours finally convinced Jane.
by mum61e November 29, 2012
Top Definition
Adj. a pay off or reward with benifits comprarable to oral sex.

Modern English early 21st century, Coined Andy Lowes

Man, that skateboard trick I just landed was fellacious! That chocolate was better than good, it was fellacious!
by Andy Lowes June 23, 2007
Having the desire to suck up to, or suck on something.

Derived from the term fellatio.
The apple fanboy wrote a fellacious review of the new Macbook Pro.
by edboy May 19, 2006
Excellent, to the point of being unbelievably good fellatio (oral sex performed on a man).

Not to be confused with fallacious.
"Ohh, girl! I can't believe how good you are at that; it was straight fellacious!"
by Tommyboy23 December 17, 2013
adj (derived from fellatio) - when something is so good or cool you'd give it head if you could.
Omg! That new phone is so fellacious!

That cake was so fellacious I think I wanna go give my boyfriend head!
by jigahigacityniga May 23, 2009

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