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Another name for a cat.
Go see cat.
{ This here is extra text to get through UD's stupid word limit. }
by GWR Definition Agency January 02, 2005
157 36
Ultra-Sexy Hot Feminine woman with a stunning body, gorgeous bone structure in her beautiful face, smooth glowing complexion, Always with up-to-the-minute totally fresh and stylish Fashion sense galore!
Femme, Stylish Chick, Hawt , Fresh Feminine Female, "OMG! the club was chock full o' sexy Felines galore!!!"
by Jagruti February 14, 2009
82 30
Another word for feelings. See feelings or feelers. Often produced by the whiny way in which emo guys sing. Can also mean "cat".
Please let me breaaaathe, you're choking meeee, and my felines.
by Beastiezekiel August 21, 2005
0 9
A company that manufactures cats.
Person 1: What brand of cat do you have?
Person 2: A feLINE®, how bout you?
Person 1: A Siamese®.
by Justingraziano July 22, 2008
30 44
A famous french poet author of some "monuments historiques", better known as Lord claw
JB Féline is hanging out in the 16 arrondissement in Paris !!
by G Burt September 08, 2003
14 60
syn. crook, gangster, albanese crook
look at this Feline coming over at your house, he is plaundering your fridge
by anonymous September 19, 2003
13 71
some bullshit your doctor tell you why he's charging you so much.
dont hand me some crap about how the cost of tounge depressors has gone up, thats just a feline.
by amboj December 28, 2003
12 76