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Ultra-Sexy Hot Feminine woman with a stunning body, gorgeous bone structure in her beautiful face, smooth glowing complexion, Always with up-to-the-minute totally fresh and stylish Fashion sense galore!
Femme, Stylish Chick, Hawt , Fresh Feminine Female, "OMG! the club was chock full o' sexy Felines galore!!!"
by Jagruti February 14, 2009
Hot,Sexy, Feminine looking, and extremely stylish lesbians that dress like a female, + appreciate being a woman with all the curves, and "girly" accoutrements that come along with being a WOMAN,..but are also sexually attracted to other women as well.
That Ferocia DC Lesbo-a-Go-Go club was chock full o' "L-to-the-Cubed'! I mean,it was totally packed up to the gills with Luscious Lipstick-Lesbians, of course! Schwiiing!!"
by Jagruti February 15, 2009

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