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Irish pronounciation of the word fuck. Some how doesnt seem as offensive.
fek off you fekking fekker for feks sake
by tha truth April 30, 2006
When in chat rooms, msn, corporate email e.t.c - the use of obscene language is frowned upon. Fek is the online slang of fuck and can be used as a 'visually friendly' replacement
1) Fek that.
2) Get Fek'd
3) Fek off
4) U fek'n creep
by tski August 01, 2003
Originally from the Britcom "Father Ted" a derivitive of the word fuck that is used when fuck cannot be.
Maid (in british accent)- "What would you say to a cup of tea?"

Father - "Fek off cup!"
by Andy March 21, 2005
an indescribable grunt used to annoy your friends
"Hi Pete!"
by Chunky Winkerbean September 21, 2009
What a preppy girl might substitute for fuck because she's too much of a stupid yuppie to know that she sounds like a moron when she says it.
Hey! Those new guys are sitting at our table! And none of them are hot! What the fek?!?
by Estuardo June 21, 2005

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