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A young, hot hippie girl with a hot chunch you'd love to make good use of.
God DAMN! Did you see that hippet across the street? I'd like to bend her over a chair and see how she rides!
by Estuardo November 26, 2005
An insane schoolteacher who doesn't actually teach. In lieu of teaching, she sits at her desk and talks on the phone, sporting an insane smile the whole time.\

The secondary defining characteristic of a kovas is that the facial features rarely, if ever, change. In fact, if you were to take a picture of a kovas and compare it to a kovas' face at nearly any given time it would resemble the photo with about 99% of the same expression.

Kovas also often fall in love with honky rappers who, in their opinion, can do no wrong.
1) Damn, our teacher is such a kovas that we could jack off in class and she would never notice!

2) I hear that there's a new teacher in the science department this year. I hope he's a kovas.
by Estuardo July 23, 2006
When you first wake up in the morning and you take a piss your penis looks really sad.
Man, my penis looked really schloopie today when I woke up.


Man, my penis is a sad ol' schloopie!
by Estuardo November 26, 2005
What a preppy girl might substitute for fuck because she's too much of a stupid yuppie to know that she sounds like a moron when she says it.
Hey! Those new guys are sitting at our table! And none of them are hot! What the fek?!?
by Estuardo June 21, 2005
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