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1. (noun) Act of unabashed hypocrisy, particularly by a person who holds authority.

2. A hypocrite in general.

3. (verb) Commit an act of severe hypocrisy.

Derived from the name of a famous politician who wants to ban all privately owned guns while they have a concealed weapon permit in a place where getting one is almost impossible.
What a Feinstein! He gave me a ticket and then drove off through a red light!

She's Feinsteined us again, that wicked lady!
by Lior Bar-On June 08, 2004
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Narcisistic nanometric nipple narfing wee-man.
Shibby, that squirrel totally SARSed Feinstein's room.
by Matthew January 07, 2004
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An obnoxiously loud, nasally, attention monger who speaks too frequently for their brain to produce intelligent information fast enough to make the utterances worthwhile; simply to remind themselves that they are intelligent enough to conversate in the first place. they are correct and knowledgeable on any topic, especially finance and politics, regardless of whether or not they are actually correct and knowledgeable. they also are in denial as to their own self worth and social status, which is usually low due to their overall cocky disposition, irritating voice, and amount of time spent obsessing over monetary gain and career goals which results in the neglect of a spirtual side and eventual social ostracization. this dilemma is made up for by taking an out of date, unrealistic, pretentious religion very seriously.
feinstein: Yes, I calculated a total of 12.43 for your total share of gas money and you only paid me 12.25.
That Matisyahu sucks so bad, it makes me want to beat up a feinstein.
Stop talking during the movie you feinstein motherfucker.
Ow feinstein! Your nose just poked me in the eye!

by eggpress August 07, 2006
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greatest class sub. has an awesome way of speaking. will talk for hours about star wars and star trek. wears the same brown pants and button down shirts every day. has a beautiful looking girlfriend that actually is his sister. has his own website and is a hacker.
yo did you see feinstein today? yeah!!!! hes my sub in math
by WATTTCHHHYAAAA April 13, 2011
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