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Bastardization of faggot
Yo! Bill just caught Josh in the bedroom with another guy.

OMFG that dudes a fegit
by mac6433 June 01, 2005
50 11

as in something is not really legitimate.
but one thinks it is or pretends that it is in order to appear cool.
Girl 1: You're seriously dating him? Like it's legit??
Girl 2: Actually...it's kind of fegit. He doesn't really KNOW we're dating...
by Lizbrez January 23, 2009
35 35
Fucking legit
Used if the what you are describing is better than legit but less than epic
That wave was fegit brahh.
by HBHSHJ April 11, 2011
10 23
fucking legit

fucking+legit= fegit

pronounced like legit with "feh" at the beginning.
person #1: OMG she's going out with William!
person #2: like fegit?
person #1: totally
by superstarlivs November 15, 2007
5 19