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to feel a woman's breasts.
Mark was feeling up my breasts, it felt so good! :)
by Stacy July 25, 2004
To feel a womans breast or ass under her shirt usually.
I felt up Laura on our date, then i fucked her pussy.
by D! October 02, 2003
to touch and/or caress the female chest. This can involve hands or a toungue.
Sometimes can be referred to when caressing the female ass for erotic pleasure.
I love feeling up Jenna's warm firm tits with my hand, it gets me so hard and she usually lets me cum on her tits later.
by Oren June 03, 2003
to feel up a mans body, and afterwards caressing into there pants where a handjob will take place
Do you want a feel up?
Why yes that would be nice
by lola909 August 01, 2007
the name given to a musical performace that featured the band Gorillaz onstage with Madonna at the 2005 Grammy Awards. The name is a combination of the song titles "Feel Good Inc." (Gorillaz) and "Hung Up" (Madonna). An alternative name would have been "Hung Good Inc.", though this name likely would have held somewhat less appeal for some people.
A: Hey, you wanna watch the Feel Up video?
B: ...Whaaat?
by Holly Teacakes January 21, 2007
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