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Fake wedding: A celebration for women who have concluded they don't want to/might not get married but don't want to miss out on their 'big day'. A response to the fact that most women only want to get married for a) the proposal (flattering) and b) the party (more undivided attention). An opportunity for ladies to spend a foolish amount of money on a dress they will wear once, a decent hairdo, a massive cake, flowers, a chauffer-driven entrance, a good time for all their loved ones and a photographer (to capture the 'blushing' hostess in as much glory as her middle-age can muster). Ideally combined with 40th birthday celebrations to encourage the co-operation of one's nearest and dearest, as opposed being branded an 'asshole'.
You're invited to attend my fedding this April. (You'd better be there as I'll be having a whale of a time, whether you are or not, and the pictures won't look as good if I'm alone.)
by frezley December 10, 2011
The art of doing FED (Front End Development)
Mic and James are the best at fedding
by Moros_ January 04, 2016
A sexual manuver involving the rare coincidental occasion of the combination of a wedding, a funeral, and the act of felching. To Fed is to feltch during a simultanous Wedding/ Funeral, and is generally considered to be in bad form.
"Wow, Joe, incredible wedding. But I'm sorry your grandfather died."

"Yeah, I just wish my bride hadn't pulled a fedding with the corpse. Poor gramps. Oh, and me for marrying her."
by Jindalhooey October 23, 2007

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