Watered down version of the word "fuck." Many use it so as they implie the word fuck, but by not actually saying it they seem to appear less offensive
"Feck Off, You Fecking Feck!"
by Gilbo January 06, 2005
The word 'fuck' pronounced wrong out of rage of emotion; as seen in Almost Famous.
ANITA: Feck you! All of you!


Anita runs down the hall to her room. Elaine turns to William, relating to him more as a fellow parent than a child.

ELAINE: well, there it is. Your sister using the "f" word.

WILLIAM: I think she said "feck."

ELAINE: What's the difference?

WILLIAM: Well. The letter "u"...
by emilymakesgraves April 18, 2005
a kinder, gentler way of saying "FUCK"
1. you got a new car? well FECK ME!!
2. FECK this class gosh darnit
by Anonymous May 28, 2002
A variant of the word 'Fuck' mad famous, and created by award-winning and brilliant comedy series 'Father Ted' in which Father Jack Hackett was fond of saying 'Feck. Created due to the writers not being allowed to say 'fuck'
What the feck is that gobshite on about?
Feck off!
Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!
by Insane December 24, 2002
a slang term meaning "fuck" used by the Irish and thoes of Irish decent.

When "fuck" is pronounced with a heavy irish accent, it sounds like "feck" which has now been adopted as a word in and of itself by thoes of irish decent, but without irish accents.
Oiefa, our exchange student from ireland, called me a "feckin eegit"

Sarah's grandparents were from county cork, and she says feck all the time.
by Oiefa Sheeny August 19, 2007
A word that can be used to describe any situation or person who is grubby, annoying, wicked, or lame.
'You are such a feck Mary!'
'Oh my god, look at that feck old man'
'This is the feck-est car!'
'Go away you feck. You are such a loser.'
by madkhat July 04, 2005
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