Feck is a word to basically describe a chinless person. It's where your face and neck are sort of one big chunk. Where your face and neck blend together and you have no chin. It is a combination of the words "Face" and "Neck". It is most commonly seen on overweight people, but skinny people can have fecks too. Tori Spelling is a good example of a skinny person with a feck. The term was coined by Kelly Roman of Astoria, Oregon in 2007.
Vince: "Holy shit! Did that lady swallow a brick?"

Kelly: "No, she just has a raging feck"

Vince: "Word"

by Vince Roman May 05, 2008
A noun referring to a 'face-neck'; the face and neck area of a person without a chin, there face and neck have no definite boundaries and simply mould together into one beautiful 'feck'.
Callum: Hey man nice feck! How do you shave it so close?
Dom: Cheers! Well I tend just to use hair removal cream, does the job better.
by winefromthelilactree November 27, 2011
Irish word used for "fuck"
Chav: Oi, what the fuck are yew lookin' at blud?

Irish guy: Ah, feck aurf!

Guy: *Carrying hot drinks* Who want's cof-- *Walks into Irish bloke*

Irish guy: Oh fecking hell!
by Kumii September 22, 2009
A way of secretly swearing without your grandparents realising.

Its basically just Fuck but with an 'e' instead of a "u".
Oh feck, I just dropped my phone!
by TwitchyBill1994 December 14, 2010
a replacement for the actual word but more fun to say
kid 1: feck yoh mom
kid 2: feck cho dad
kid 1: feck your mom and dad
kid 2: feck your grandma
kid 1: oh no u feckin didnt
kid 2: feck yea i fecking did
kid 3: i feckin farted
by GKunismo July 10, 2008
When a persons face and neck are so fat it looks like one.
There is no differentiating of the two!
Oh my good look at that girls feck! Her face and neck are totally one
by monkey6 August 08, 2009
another way to say "fuck".
jess-"there's a puddle of piss and shit in the kitchen."
kiley-"well, feck!"
by kiley89 January 16, 2008

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