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2 definitions by athffan

Used to describe the scent eminating from a man's ass who obviously has a serious medical condition. Also a by-product of irritable bowel syndrome, this condition can also lead to sharting.
Dude, you smell like open ass. What crawled up there and died?
by athffan September 30, 2006
An endearing term for a current or ex lover who had one of the nastiest, raunchiest and down-right foulest stank eminating from her crotch. This usually is so horrific that requires you to swear off any form of cunnilingus as the stench makes you practically vomit on impact.
Man, don't go near that girl. She hasn't cleaned down there in at LEAST a month and even Febreeze can't get that out.
by athffan September 30, 2006