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stands for flat-chested bitch
damn, shorty's got ass, but shes a total fcb
by prettyeky April 14, 2009
77 11
(in Singapore) colloquial term for foreign workers and foreign talents. Stands for "Faster, Cheaper, and Better", this term is often used casually within multinational company (MNC) employer and government officials (especially Ministry of Manpower), because foreigners are often perceived perform better, faster and demand lower wages. This covers both low-skill and medium-skill foreign talents. Foreign executive are not included, because they are not necessarily "cheaper"
A: The Circle Line project was completed on time, within budget!
B: No wonder la! I'm sure FCBs did most of the work
A: Surprise, surprise!
by alnur December 11, 2013
8 0
Fried Chicken Boy

Basically, a FCB is a black person.
Person 1
"Yo if u talk to that FCB again, I'm gonna tell mommy!"

Person 2
"No don't tell mommy, PLEASE!"
by FCBH4L March 05, 2009
14 16
Slang for facebook
You got fcb?
by peterbrowne July 10, 2008
8 14
Slang term for Free Crack Babies. When parents are looking to adopt, this term has come up when trying to afford babies.
Why adpot? You can go down to the shelter and get yourself a FCB.
by M James Hall December 07, 2007
9 15
flesh coloured boxes
fcb hearing aids
by andypeck October 22, 2008
4 13