Fairfield County, Connecticut. Fabled as rich and extravagent, but mostly mediocre. Some towns are home to areas that do fit the common description of 'the FC': Conyers farms in Greenwich, Smith and Oenoke Ridge in New Canaan, and bits of coastal Darien, Westport, and Fairfield (Southport).
"Man, I heard everyone in the FC has their own plane! Money grows on trees there!"
"Nah yo, ever seen Norwalk, Ridgefield, or Stamford? That's what I thought!"
by JGeigz July 27, 2005
fun·ny ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fun-e)
adj. fun·ni·er, fun·ni·est

crotch ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kraw-ch)

A FC is that of a man who has not been circumcised, also known as a Funny Crotch or Anteater.
I was totally going to sleep with him until I found out he's a FC!
by Chris March 15, 2005
Abbreviation for FusionChat
FC is #1
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
A person who is stupid,mentally retarded,fucked in the head or just plain dumb (short for flower cart)
Joe was a bit stupid so the boys called him fc
by hazelkeddy May 17, 2007
Stands for Fucking Cunt. Used a lot on the internet
Annoying n00b: hi lykk will u b my frenz??/ we r frenz!!11 will u go ot wit me? kkz tankz. lolz!!!!11

Annoyed non-n00b: Will you just stfu and stop talking to me you fc??
by BabiiFay February 09, 2007
Fc is an acronym for a female condom
The FC works better than the latex male condom in preventing pregnancy and stds.
by Jessika0882 November 24, 2006
Hitting a player/monster from a far distance.
Omg n00b you use fc.
Fc is for n00bs.
fc = Far-cast
by RrAaCcOoOoNn April 22, 2008

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