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A British slang word for Shoes.
I went to NikeTown and bought 4 pairs of trainers.
by steviegoos November 23, 2004
326 112
A program for a computer game that enables cheating.
Grand Theft Auto III has trainers that allow you to have infinite ammunition.
by Brian December 05, 2003
95 25
Sneaker, tennis shoe, shoe
YO check out my new trainers.
by Edaddy March 01, 2004
63 43
A Program/Tool that gives extra features/abilities to the player that the game did not intend for that helps in the Defeation of an opponent.
Trainer that Enable a Person to Fly, have more ammo, Have more HP Then others...
by ThatGuy44 December 10, 2006
26 15
1) A British slang term for shoes; specifically running shoes or cross fit shoes.

2) A term used to describe an uglier women whom you are engaged in sexual relations with, but solely for the purpose of gaining experience.
1) "Oi mate! How you like my new trainers?" "Fookin' mint, mate!"

2)"Awh, man, she's a solid -10 though." "Yeah, but she's just a trainer."
by the.last.panda April 30, 2014
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