Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine. An acronym used to describe a submarine launched ballistic nuclear missile carrying submarine or "boomer". The United States currently operates these in the form of the Ohio Class.
Jimmy is the captain of the FBM USS Louisiana. He could blow up the whole world if he wanted to.
by SirBoomALot September 11, 2011
Facebook Masochism-
When you punish yourself by looking at your ex-boyfriend's facebook page to see how happy he is with his new girlfriend.
I was already sad, but I thought I'd experience a little FBM and make myself feel worse.
by 3pharmacychicks March 24, 2010
Facebook Me
Facebook, FBM
by LmaoSmh June 20, 2010
"Fine Black Man"
Term used primarily by white females to describe an extremely attractive black male. Often, the man is romantically or sexually involved in some way with one or all of the individuals discussing him.
"You wanna grab something to eat or is your FBM comin' over tonight?"

by Dusk in the D October 01, 2007
when a woman smells good. (fruit basket material)
man, you smell that fbm?
by brandonkrontz October 02, 2008
An acronym mean Face Book Material. When one believes that a picture taken is ether worthy of being your default picture or the cover picture of a Photo Album.
Wow Jim that picture I took of you last night passed out on Nicks crotch is hilarious; its FBM to say the least.
by Jaylikesguitar October 05, 2008
fusion battle mistress, a highly praised knife with a cult following on the internet.
I chopped a 2x4 in half with a fbm in 11 seconds!
by Headcrab December 04, 2007

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