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6 definitions by JPWRana

One of the few latin stand-up comedians who is funny to not only latin-americans. Very fat young funny guy. Comedian who uses sound-effects and story-telling in a very funny way, and surprisingly, can keep it clean and still funny.
Gabriel Iglesias has won Comedian of the Year by Comedy Central
by JPWRana October 04, 2005
To express oneself in a sexual way.
She sexpresses herself very well with all the guys.
by JPWRana October 06, 2004
International Space Station.
A space station that has succeeded the Mir (Russian) Space Station. Has been in assembly mode since 1998, and delayed several times. The I.S.S. is made up a consortium of 16 nations, including Japan, USA, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and the E.U. (European Union).
The ISS will be complete in approximately 11 years.
by JPWRana September 18, 2005
short for Full Body Massage. See definition.
I really need an fbm to relaxe.
by JPWRana September 23, 2005
The name given to Nintendo Corporation's game console from Revolution. Pronounced in english "wee", marketing reasons by Nintendo prompted the name change.
Wii will change the world.
by JPWRana April 28, 2006
The name of the 10th planet. Has it's own moon too, called "Gabriel" very little is known of Xena as of September 2005, other than the fact that it's larger than the 9th planet Pluto.
Xena is a gay name for a planet.
by JPWRana October 04, 2005