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A word that describes a person as almighty and knowledgeable.
The person might not show it but they are.
The person sees all conflicts from every stand point.
A faxy usually does not argue with others about their own view on topics, because they know that person(s) are incompitent.
Ian: I believe the Iraq war is a total mistake.
Dan: If that is what you believe, then so be it.
Ian: Well it is, we should have never have invaded.
Dan: Alright Ian. Hey!, you want to get some ice cream?

I think joe might be a faxy. He kept switching topics when i tried to talk to him about same-sex marriages.
#synonoms:god-like #jesus-like #alla-like antonyms:retard #geek #sanjaya.
by Dan Taraborrelli December 28, 2007
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